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Indie TM: An Introduction

Indie TM: An Introduction

I recently realized that there’s a gap between bands who can handle basic tour management duties themselves, and bands who can afford a tour manager. At a certain point a band can’t reasonably keep up with everything, but might not be able to afford a TM yet. That’s who this site is aimed at, but if you’re an aspiring tour manager or just trying to learn a few things about touring, I hope this site helps you as well!

A few years I made some blog posts intending to help those seeking to enter the music business. Indie TM will take that concept but refine it to fit the niche that is described in the first paragraph. If you’d like to read the old posts, please email me and I’ll send them your way (same goes if you have any questions). Eventually, the site will be a resource with checklists, example worksheets, and expert third party contributors to round out the information provided.

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